Pet Turtles For Everyone!

Pet turtles make wonderful companions for children and adults alike. They can be hardy animals that live for a very long time when properly cared for.

However not all pet turtles are created equally. Of the many many different types of turtles available there area select few which make wonderful pet turtles. And while being easy to find, they are also easy to care for when you know how.

Below we’ll discuss the most widely available pet turtles you’re likely to find in a pet store or local pet shop.

Box Turtles

Box turtles are one of the most popular types of pet turtles. These turtles are best when kept in an outdoor, enclosed environment. Although you can have them in an appartment setting, it is not recommended since they prefer a lot more space than is usually afforded in an apartment.

There are quite a few different types of box turtles. According to Wikipedia, see below for the available types of box turtles.

  • Amboina Box Turtle
  • Yellow-headed Box Turtle
  • Snake-eating Turtle
  • Indochinese Box Turtle
  • McCord’s Box Turtle
  • Pan’s Box Turtle
  • Three-banded Box Turtle
  • Yunnan Box Turtle
  • Zhou’s Box Turtle
  • Eastern Box Turtle
  • Florida Box Turtle
  • Gulf Coast Box Turtle
  • Three-toed Box Turtle
  • Mexican Box Turtle
  • Yucatán Box Turtle
  • Coahuilan Box Turtle
  • Spotted Box Turtle
  • Western Box Turtle
  • Ornate Box Turtle
  • Desert Box Turtle

Obviously not all of these are suited for family living but the most common as pets are the Eastern Box Turtle, Spotted Box Turtle, and the Ornate Box Turtle.
Red Eared Slider Turtles
Ollie the red eared slider and favorite of our pet turtlesThe Red Eared Slider is probably the most popular of pet turtles. They are also the most affordable and easy to find. Pretty much any pet store will carry these and you’re likely to see them swimming together in a water filled tank.

Red eared slider turtles are distinguished by the red or orange stripes behind their eyes, hence red eared slider.

We have a pet turtle named Ollie who you may have seen a couple of times. She is a 3 year old red eared slider and is the official pet turtle of What Do Turtles Eat

Painted Turtles

Painted turtles are another great options for families interested in pet turtles. Their popularity is second only to red-eared sliders.

They are very hardy pets and, in the wild, have been known to live for over 50 years. So compared to other pet turtles, no doubt they can be a lifelong companion when cared for properly.

One drastic difference between the red eared slider and box turtle and the painted turtle, is that painted turtles don’t care much for being held. So if you have a younger child, who wants pet turtles to play with, a painted turtle may not be the best option.

Instead stick to the more lovable pet turtles available.

When Cared For Pet Turtles Can Be A Great Addition To Any Family
So if you’re interested in finding out more about the various kinds of pet turtles available, be sure to check out the category for pet turtles or simply ask your local pet store for any recommendations whether you’re a first timer or an experienced turtle owner.

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