Best Pet Hair Remover for Furniture

Best Pet Hair Remover for Furniture

If you have a pet, it’s hard to avoid facing the unexpected messes left behind your pet. If he leaves hair everywhere, you have to think about getting a good cleaning tool to keep your house clean.

It’s time to consider using the best pet hair remover for furniture. They are available in a wide range of choices in various styles. To choose the best product for you, it’s important to consider what you have to clean.

In this post, we will include here a list of top 5 best products for removing pet hair available out there these days. Check out to get more info you should know.

Top 10 Best Pet Hair Removers for Furniture

1. Evercare Pet Hair Extra Sticky Lint Roller

This is one of the best pet hair removers. It’s your standard lint roller. It comes with the average lint roller sheet that gets the job done well. Moreover, there are also extra sticky sheets. They are designed to pull fur out of even woven material.

It includes two refills. It can also help to get a fresh sheet easier thanks to its peeling solution. This product offers a bunch of options for pet hair removal.

It’s easy to use. However, you will have to remove sheets frequently. Plus, this unit is not as effective as some more aggressive choices.

2. PETDOM Hair Remover Brush for Pet

This brush is a popular choice for pet owners. The device comes with a handle that lets you grip with comfort and security. This tool is reusable. Moreover, the remover also comes with a self-cleaning base.

It’s a compact model. Therefore, it works well for clothes as well as small furniture. Additionally, this one comes in a mini travel size design. Therefore, it can be kept in a bag for removing pet hair quickly.

3. ChomChom Roller Remover

This model is ideal for those with a small pet. The ChomChom is more expensive compared to other hair removal devices out there. However, it is worth the money because it can work well.

Not like other traditional models, this product doesn’t come with sticky tape. It is built with a good-bristled roller. This feature is to collect fur. You can store it with ease. This remover is designed to operate well on all surfaces such as carpets, beds, and sofas. If you plan to purchase an effective roller, you should take a try on this hair removal tool.

However, this choice is pricey a bit. It is able to work better for cars and furniture than clothing. You need to have a back and forth motion if you want to work out hairs.

4. Dyson Upright Vacuum

If you keep full of pets at home, you can understand the importance of a stellar vacuum. Now, we’d like to introduce you to the Dyson Upright Vacuum. It’s an affordable dog hair remover for furniture.

The model features an impressive suction power. This device is built with a powerful turbine device. Therefore, it’s ideal for cleaning in small crevices. With the Dyson, you haven’t to concern the lightest pet hair since it can help you handle.

The device can go from carpet to hardwood floor constantly. Besides, you will also get the HEPA filtration system which makes it perfect for those with allergies or asthma. Moreover, you can also receive a 5-year warranty.

5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Vacuum

If your house is lack of space for storing an upright vacuum, you should choose the Bissell Pet Hair Vacuum. This device features the high-powered suction. This is also a cordless model that allows you to pick up fur from any corner of your house.

Besides, you will get an upholstery tool to use on any surface. Plus, the vacuum also includes the filtration system to decrease allergens in your house. Furthermore, it also gives you some of the customer services, including a 1-year warranty.

6. Gonzo Dog Hair Remover

Another good product for your budget is the Gonzo Lifter. It can perform well on any surfaces in your house. It is designed to help remove hair from the furniture such as clothing, curtains, and bedding.

It’s simple to tuck the model away in the cabinet when you needn’t. This one may be used on fabrics such as a sheet or a sofa cushion. It’s also a good model for use in your car when taking your furry friend to the park with you.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Hair Remover


You have to determine if you will use the device regularly. Also, you have to answer the question “how much it cost there?” There are some important things you should consider when choosing a good remover for your pet hair.

If you just want to use these devices on the clothes or sofa, you can consider choosing a brush or a small roller. However, a more powerful device is great for you if you prefer to use this remover for cleaning the entire house.


Before making the size of the product you choose, you should remember to consider the place you plan to remove your pet hair most regularly. You can choose a light and nimble model if you are going to getting in a small space. However, it’s better to opt for a bigger machine if you plan to cover a lot of territories.

Coat and Surface removal

These removers come in 2 major types. One is to pull excess hair from your dog’s coat, and another one is to clean up his fur once he’s already shed. Therefore, the type you pick depends on the aim you are going for. If you need a proactive approach, you should find one which can be operated directly on your dog. And, it’s a good idea to choose a brush or a roller for after-shedding hair removal.


There are many vacuums as well as large removers that can operate well. However, you may want to use smaller devices for convenience. These models let you use on-the-go. You can go with gloves, rollers, brushes, as well as different small tools everywhere you want.


The model you choose should make you and your furry pet comfortable. The device you choose has to fit completely your hands. We recommend you to try a couple of product types first. Then, you can decide which one is most comfortable for you.


You can get many advantages from having a dog with you. You can get many great health benefits such as stroke prevention, reducing stress, and more. However, you will have to handle fur everywhere. It’s easy to see pet hair on your clothes as well as furniture.

Therefore, besides grooming your pet regularly, you also should have choices for removing pet hair. We’ve just given you our top 5 best hair removers for a pet. All of them work well. Depending on your needs, you can choose the most suitable device.

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Best Dog Foods for Less Poop 2020


The nutrition you give your dog decides his health, growth, as well as development. The right dog food can meet your pet’s requirement of the essential vitamin, minerals, and fatty acids. However, some dog foods may cause allergies in dogs. Then, it can affect your pet’s stools.

In order to give your pet a healthy diet, consider low residue food. In this article, we research the best of low residue foods to help reduce the excretion in dogs.

Is Too Much Poop All Bad?

If your pet produces too much poop, this is the first sign of the quality of your dog’s diet. Indeed, if you feed him too many fillers, he can’t completely digest. As a result, he will be pottying far more normal.

Features When Choosing the Low Residue Foods

The first important feature you need to consider is protein. Choose dog foods with a high level of proteins to give your pet the right amount of energy he needs. Second, remember to choose foods that are low in fiber content to decrease the excretion. Last, your dog needs the proper amount of fats as well as carbohydrates.

What can Change a Dog’s Poop?

There are some things that can affect your four-leg friend’s potty cycle. If you change his food, it may make his stomach to do crazy things.

First, you only should mix the new dog food in a little amount with a large number of old foods. Do this for about 1 week. Don’t change his diet too fast. He may suffer from some health problems such as bacterial or viral infections, bowel disease, kidney disease, general stress, and colitis.

Fiber Plans an Important Part in Poop

Your dog’s poop cycle is actually decided by his diet. If you feed him a diet of mostly processed kibble, he may make poop a lot. The simple reason is that all types of foods come with fillers as the main ingredient.

Your dog may poop a lot if he is fed with rice hulls, soybeans, and beet pulp. Normally, most dog foods are built up with 4-6 % fiber content. Some dry dog foods contain no less than 15% of fiber content.

Raw is the Excellent

In order to reduce the amount of poop your pet makes, you need to reduce the amount of filler, fiber, and grains in his diet.

Actually, raw diets allow your dog to utilize much more waste. If you feed your pet raw dog foods, he won’t have to eat as much food.

Some raw diets may require you to add rice to your pet’s diet. It’s a good idea to consider adding a bit more eggs, meat, as well as different meat varieties in order to replace rice.

Ideal Ingredients for Dog Foods

Healthy Nutrients

As a pet owner, you will want to give your pet a variety of healthy nutrients in his food. They may include carbohydrates (such as potatoes, white rice, and tapioca), fiber, fat, as well as health supplements. All of them ensure to give a rounded diet for your pet.


As mentioned previously, your dog will poop more if he gets a lot of kibbles than usual. Kibble contains beet pulp, soybeans, rice hulls, and cellulose. Therefore, it’s important to reduce the number of fillers in your pet’s diet. By this way, you can help to reduce the frequency of excrement.

Fats and Nutrients

As a pet owner, it’s important to provide your dog with fat for energy. Also, this ingredient is needed for his immunity, coat, and body health. If you give him too much fat, he will poop more. Therefore, it’s best to give him foods with not more than 6-15% fat.

Also, you need to give him healthy supplements in his diet. For example, you can feed him omega fatty acids. At the same time, avoid feeding him foods with colors, flavours, and preservatives.

High digestibility

If your dog has digestive issues, give him an ideal diet with 85% to 990% digestibility. Normally, a high-quality product can offer high digestibility. However, you can’t determine the digestibility by checking the label. So, it’s essential to call the company for this.

High protein content

This ingredient is especially important for dogs with digestive issues. According to many experts, pet owners should look for a raw food diet made with nothing but pure protein. But, there is a wide range of great dog foods built with high levels of protein from various sources. There are some perfect sources for your pet’s poop such as chicken, fish, and bison.

Stick With Dry Kibble

If teeth health is not a problem in your pet, we recommend you to always stick him with dry kibble. These dog foods are actually more concentrated when compared to wet dog foods. The fact is that wet dog foods are available in a lot of water as well as additional juices. Therefore, you will need to feed your furry friend more wet food in order to give him the nutritional content. On the contrary, you will have to feed him with a smaller amount of dry food.

Supplements to Improve Digestion

You will need to give your pet supplements to keep his systems running smoothly. That’s why you should add more omega fatty acids, probiotics, and prebiotics for healthy and supported digestion. These additional ingredients are also great for them to keep inflammation down.

Be Mindful of Quantity

Stools your dog will make depend on the number of foods you give him. As a dog owner, you need to feed your pet enough nutritional content. This is to support his size and lifestyle. Each dog breed has its own requirements. That’s why you have to monitor your pet’s activity in order to adjust accordingly. This also helps to manage your pet’s health.

When it comes to feeding your canine, it’s important to follow the guidelines placed on the package. Different formula normally comes with different nutritional content.  

Purpose Of Low Residue Dog Foods

This diet is perfect for your dog’s health. A low residue diet allows your dog to easily digest. As a result, he can reach less frequent movements. Also, this diet is perfect for dogs that have finicky digestive issues, including nausea, inflammatory bowel disease, and diarrhea.

Top7 Best Dog Foods for Less Poop

The Honest Kitchen Limited Dog Food

This is one of the best dog food on the market today. It’s a balanced diet. So, you can feed the food for all dog breeds at all life stages. This food is made with high protein levels. This is a good option for your pet’s digestion.

This formula is designed with free-range chicken. It ensures to help your pet receive the maximum nutrition. Like being said that, it can work well on both puppies and adult dogs.

It’s a good choice for dogs with sensitive stomach due to free of range chicken found in. the food is packed with 6 natural ingredients for the delicious meals. The food is low in carbohydrates. So, it can help to maintain your pet’s weight.

Blue Buffalo Puppy Dry Dog Food

There are many different dog food products from Blue Buffalo. They are available for dogs at all life stages. However, it can work best on puppies. Because of great ingredients, it can help to support your pet’s growth and development.

The dog food is formulated with wholesome grains, fruits, and garden vegetables. It features high-quality protein. It helps to support your pet’s muscle mass.

The food doesn’t contain artificial flavors and preservatives. The food features all the essential vitamins and fatty acids. They help to develop your pet’s cognitive learning.

Also, it’s added with minerals and antioxidants. So, it’s great for the immune system health.

Hill’s Science Dog Food

If you want to feed your furry friend foods with balanced nutrition, Hill’s Science Dog Food is just for you. This recipe is perfect for sensitive digestion. This dog food is made with a blend of omega fatty acids, vitamins, and more nutrients. They play an important role in improving your pet’s health.

The dog food isn’t made with any flavors, artificial colors, and preservatives. It can be able to support your pet’s immune system due to a blend of antioxidants.

This food is recommended highly for adult dogs. If your dog has sensitive skin and stomach, this food is also ideal for him.

Sojos Dry Dog Food

If you are looking for dog food recipes with all natural and premium quality ingredients, you can try Sojos Dry Dog Food. It’s one of the best dry dog foods for less poop. The food isn’t added with artificial preservatives. This formula features small batch baking. It comes with lesser fiber than other dog foods.

Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This dog food brand is known for a variety range of products. Chicken is the main ingredient. It comes with grain-free sources of carbohydrates from pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

It allows your pet to easily digest. This option is perfect for all the dog breeds at all life stages. It means you can feed your pet from when he’s a puppy until he becomes a senior dog.

The dog food doesn’t contain beef, wheat, corn, artificial colors, and flavors. Instead, it’s available in the high-quality protein content. So, it ensures to maintain your pet’s muscle health.

Crave Grain Free Adult Dog Food with Protein

It’s also a good option for less poop. It is available in premium quality ingredients. The food is made of salmon as the first ingredient. It’s free of grains. Instead, it features high-quality carbohydrates for good levels of energy.

It has no soy, wheat, and corn protein. So, it’s a perfect choice for all types of dogs. This is a rich protein diet for dogs. Indeed, it provides your pet with 34% protein. This option is good for both dogs and cats.  

Rachael Ray Natural Dry Dog Food

This dog food is high in proteins as well as essential nutrients. This dog food is designed to help your pet with growth and development. This dry dog food is formulated with chicken as the first ingredient.

This dog food is grain free to give your pet more energy. Also, this recipe is not a poultry by-product meal.

The food offers all the essential vitamins and minerals for your pet. It comes with no colors, artificial flavors, and preservatives.


Hopefully, our reviews help you find the right ones for your little furry friend. All of these dog foods above are formulated with natural ingredients. So, your dog can digest and absorb these foods easily and quickly. Make sure you can feed your pet properly to maintain the lean body.

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Can Aquarium Plants Grow in Rocks?

Is it possible to grow plants in rocks? Some people may think this is a ridiculous idea to do, but the fact is that some plants can be developed in rocks. That is aquarium plants or they are also called aquatic plants.

When you have recognized that aquarium plants can grow in rocks, you will know some stories behind your aquarium. By doing this, you also grow some species in your aquaria such as small fishes and turtles to make a small decoration in your home are more beautiful.

Some common aquarium plants could be grown in the aquariums with rocks or wood

Crystalwort (or it is also called Riccia Fluitans)

Crystalwort is a great type of aquarium plant and it often does not need rigorous care. Generally speaking, Riccia Fluitans could be found anywhere in the world such as Japan, Europe, Thailand, or Singapore. Japanese is the best wild place to get submerged growth.

When floating, it will quickly grow in a shapeless, harshly globular, and slightly pressed down form. Nonetheless, the most common method of getting this plant is to put it into rocks and woods as well along with a thin wire.

After an astoundingly short period of time (around 2 weeks), the thread will be fully done by the plant. It also could be used as a carpet plant to keep your tank clean if there are some stones or threads available on. The consequence effect will be a well-groomed lawn or a covered rock.

Java Fern

Java Fern is a floating aquarium plant from Southeast Asia which is found in the wild with quick currents.

Like Crystalwort, this plant does not need complicated demands and looks bright even in the under a low condition of light and water. Nonetheless, it still needs fertilizer to make the plant looks greener. If not, leaves will turn black and ugly.

Ferns could be grown in a small group or individual only. However, it prefers a stream of water.

They will be stronger and healthier in the middle of aquatic plants and decoration. This is because they cannot develop taller to block the view of plants behind them.

Please note that fern will not have root if you put it into gravel or other substrates.

Magenta Water Hedge

Magenta Water Hedge comes from the Amazon in South America and it has total 170 identified species. This is also known as the easiest species to grow and continue for a new aquascape.

Though you enable to grow it in other conditions, it still becomes a true Magenta Water Hedge when you put this plant in a perfect environment with light, acidic water and appropriate source of CO2.

The purple color offers an efficient contrast to several green aquarium plants in your aquaspace.
You can see it is commonplace in the groups of a plant with many backgrounds. It is also considered to fasten the plant on a regular basis. This will help your plant germinates more side shoots and is thicker.

Java Moss

Java Moss is also one of the most popular species used in aquariums and a true option for any aquarist, new users, and experienced persons as well.

For those who are the first time of owning an aquarium in-house, you should raise Java Moss in advance. This is easy to develop and the plant enables to permit a wide range of water conditions.

Some criterions to consider when planting something in your aquariums


A proper light is indeed to develop and keep plants in a good physical condition such as Java Ferns, Moss, and some basic stem plants. This will be 2 wattages per gallon is a perfect choice. For instance, if your aquarium is 50 gallons, you would use around 100 wattages of light.

Aquarium filter

All tanks need to have biological and mechanical filtration to keep the inside environment healthier.

The aquarium filter also helps in inflating the water. To effectively hold an aquarium, a filter should run all the water inside the tank around 4 times in each hour. Most of the small and medium aquariums run well with strong filters or a UGF. And canister filters are more suitable for larger aquariums.


Like fishes, plants also need to receive some basic nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and so on.

You should realize that your tank does not have fixed nutrients and you need to add some liquid plant fertilizer like Seachem Flourish which offers the plants with essential nutrients. For instance, Anubais and Java Fern will consume the water column straightly.

Carbon dioxide

CO2 is also a practical factor affecting the development rates and health of plants in your tank. Many experienced aquarists use CO2 canisters which spread out the aquarium. This works perfectly but the price is expensive.

If your budget is not available for the cost, you will need to utilize DIY CO2 to help yeast interacts with sugar in a Coke bottle.

Or you may try a product like seachem flourish excel, a liquid that gives a different structure of carbon for the plant and similarly works.

Can aquarium plants grow in rocks? Of course, you will see some plants do its way. Apply this phenomenon to get more ideas to decorate your tank – why not?

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Dog Dental Care: Tools & Toys for Healthy Teeth

Dental care experts report that without proper oral hygiene, 75% of dogs show signs of dental disease by three years old. As a result, your dog’s dental care should be emphasized now more than ever; with the ever-growing selection of foods, treats, other delectables comes an even higher prevalence of dental disease in dogs. Canine Gingivitis, gum infections, and other periodontal problems create harmful bacteria which can get into your pup’s bloodstream and damage her heart, lungs, liver, intestinal tract, and kidneys. Familiarizing your pooch with home dental care is the best way to ensure long-term oral health. Coupled with regular veterinary check-ups, most irritation and tartar formation can be treated in the early, preventable stages.

Understanding Your Dog’s Mouth

Before you can successfully care for your pooch’s pearly whites, you should first learn how the teeth develop and operate. Let’s start from the beginning. Dogs are born without any teeth and then grow them two to three weeks later. At two months, puppies have about 28 temporary teeth, including incisors, pre-molars and cuspids (“canines”). But these temporary teeth are short-lasting; dogs begin losing them 1 month later. By the time they reach six months, a dog has roughly 42 permanent teeth. As with human infants, this period of a dog’s life is marked by severe discomfort and pain. Most dogs—like human babies—will chew relentlessly and mouth anything in sight to ease the irritation. An adult dog’s mouth typically includes 12 incisors (the small front teeth) which are used for personal grooming and picking up small objects. Alongside those, four long, pointed cuspids allow your pooch to puncture food and other large pieces. These edible chunks are then passed to the middle of the mouth where 16 premolars begin slicing; finally, 10 molars in the very back grind and crush the remaining fragments into digestible portions for easy swallowing.

Proper Dog Dental Care

First and foremost, you must remain aware of what your dog eats and plays with. Compressed rawhide bones, knobby rubber toys, and dental chews are critical components of dental hygiene; these products aren’t hard enough to damage teeth and actually assist in the tartar-removal process. On the other hand, small toys and most real bones should be closely monitored, since they can pose significant problems if they’re broken into pieces and then swallowed.

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Ongoing oral hygiene for your dog is actually quite simple. There are just a few basic steps to learn. In fact, the most important factor is not so much the length or duration of each individual brushing or grooming session, but rather in the consistency with which you do it. It’s far better to clean your dog’s teeth a couple of minutes every other day than to have a single marathon brushing once per week. There are several toothpastes and toothbrushes designed especially for dogs at the pet store. Oh, this is a great time to advise you not to use any toothpaste or other oral hygiene product designed for people (i.e. Crest, Colgate, etc.) with your pooch. People ‘paste contains irritants, bleaches, and fluoride, which is not good for the stomach. Of course, we humans typically spit and rinse out most toothpaste residue, but our four-legged pups aren’t likely to follow our lead. They only know two actions: chew and swallow.

Starting the Oral Care Regimen

If you’re just starting out, we recommend the finger brush, a small hood worn over your finger with soft rubber bristles on one side. A similar product is used for human infants, and the principle is the same. You’re using a familiar object (your finger) to introduce the dog to an unfamiliar experience (teeth brushing). Oh, and while you’re inside the mouth, be sure to massage the gums and check for any signs of tartar, which appears as a dark yellow film typically where the tooth meets the gum line. Once your pooch adjusts to the finger brush, you can later upgrade to a regular dog toothbrush. The actual brushing method is also important. To insure maximum effectiveness, try to keep the brush at a 45-degree angle, and be sure to spend time cleaning each tooth and gum line. Spend 1 minute making small circular motions, followed by an additional minute of vertical strokes. This two-minute, two-step process should dislodge those pesky food particles and discourage the formation of plaque. Ideally, try to brush your dog’s teeth several times a week.

Recognize the Red Flags

Due in part to their non-acidic saliva, cone-shaped teeth, and natural chewing habits, dogs rarely have tooth decay. However, if you notice chronic bad breath, oral bleeding, or other unusual periodontal activity, seek immediate veterinary attention. Infection is likely present, and professional help is necessary.

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What to Look for When Choosing Pet Rabbits

Is So you have decided to get a pet rabbit. Do you know what to look for when choosing one? You may want to do a little homework before bringing any particular bunny home or you could end up with a pet that does not fit your expectations. A healthy and properly cared for domesticated rabbit can have a lifespan of roughly 7-12 years, so you will want to make sure you (and your family) are a good fit for the bunny you choose. Below are some factors to consider when picking out one of these lovable critters.


Decide first whether you want your pet large or small. Some breeds of bunnies get quite big and might not be right for where you are going to keep them at home. You can choose from the tiny ones that weigh only 2 to 4 pounds all the way up to the 9 pounds and over varieties. Determine how much room the animal will have to move around in and then match the rabbit to fit the space.


Each Pet Rabbit has its own personality. However, the breed of the bunny also influences its general behavior. So look at the characteristics of each type of rabbit to see what behavioral tendencies are associated with that breed. If you want one that is relaxed and more laid back look for one that is bred naturally to have this trait. The Jersey wooly is an example. Now if you want one that is a bit more curious, the Holland lops might make a good choice. Are you experienced with having pets and want a bunny that is excitable? The Netherland dwarf may be right-up-your-alley.

Type of Fur

What does the type of fur have to do which what type of bunny you choose? It impacts how much physical grooming you have to do. If you do not mind spending time taking care of your then the length of fur will not matter to you. However, if you want to do less maintenance on the coat, then look for the shorter-haired ones to own.

There are four kinds of fur for these animals. Normal fur is what most of the rabbits have. It is short, soft and can hold its shape as the animals are being petted. The Rex type of fur is very velvety and soft to the touch and only on a small number of breeds. The flyback fur is a short fur that bounces right back after being rubbed towards the shoulder from the rump. Now the rollback just falls back in place gently after being petted on backwards. Now the wool breeds have hairs that are a few inches in length. These breeds will take the most grooming.

Body Type

Now along with the tips above for choosing your Pet Rabbit, remember that the body shapes vary between bunny breeds too. You have the semi-arched as in the Flemish Giant, compact version like the Holland lops, full-arch variety as in the Britannia petite, and the commercial versions such as the Giant Angora.

Now that you know what to look for when choosing your Pet Rabbit you will be able to pick the perfect one out for you. These are fun animals to have at your house whether inside or out. As with any pet they are a responsibility and need love and care, but they are worth it all.

You need to take into account the following factors with most any type or breed of rabbit.

Eating Habits

Having a rabbit can sometimes a little challenging for new pet owners because bunnies prefer eating only certain foods. This can sometimes be confusing since they seem to chew up everything in sight when they are first bought into a new environment but they are not eating everything they see; just gnawing on kinda like a dog does with a bone.

Consider a Rabbit’s Natural Actions

This is an important factor to take into account especially if you have kids. While they can get use to it, rabbits don’t typically like it when someone tries to hold or touch them. Rabbits can have a tendency to scratch, bite or even kick, trying to free or protect themselves from people. So if you are looking for a pet for small kids to play with, this might not be the best option. It may harm your children due to its lack of social nature.

Rabbits Can Take Longer Than Other Pets To Adapt To a New Environment
A bunny can take more time to adapt you and your family than other pet do. So you will need a lot of patience to take your relationships with your pet to the best level. Therefore a rabbit may not be the most suitable option for kids (or grow ups) who are impatient about everything.

Rabbits Can Be Destructive
A bunny can be very destructive, especially inside the home. They tend to chew everything they see. So you will need to always keep them under supervision and to take away all the inappropriate things away, which will cause you some inconvenience at home. For example, this pet may chew up your cable and electrical cords if you do not keep them away from such items.

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